Model Help!

Who is Webstream?

Webstream is a UK-based organisation that are behind popular camming sites across the world. They have been working within the Adult industry since 2004 and moved into webcamming services in 2014. You can find out more information here.

How do I get started?

Your dashboard is the place to go for everything. You'll find this by clicking on the camming banner in 'My Account' to log into your camming account.

You can follow our step-by-step guide for support here.

Do I need to download any software?

No, not for our recommended method of camming. The browser-based solution Webstream offers means no downloads; just log into your Dashboard, follow the link shown within the "LiveCam" tab and the simple steps will get you set up in no time.

I only have a mobile, can I join without a laptop?

Yes, you can. However, the best experience for performances is via laptop, so we do recommend for all camming sessions to take place on a laptop.

I am using Safari on iPhone and it is not streaming correctly, what is the problem?

  1. Make sure the browser is up to date and you are using Safari, Firefox or Chrome
  2. To stream from iPhone, the phone needs to be held horizontally, with the volume buttons upward facing

Remember, for a seamless experience, it may be easier to use a computer/laptop.

How much should I set my rates as?

This is entirely up to you. Your rates are defaulted at £1.00 for both Group and Private so we recommend you amend this to a fee you are comfortable with before starting.

How much can I earn?

This varies depending on how often you cam - the more active you are, the more money you can make.

Why do I need to have earnt a minimum amount before I withdraw?

In order to keep this service at a minimal cost to you, a threshold for withdrawals has been applied. Webstream have tried to keep the limit as reasonable as possible to minimise inconvenience.

How much can I withdraw after I reach the minimum?

You are able to withdraw the total balance to a UK bank account once there is a minimum of £50 in the account. To initiate the transfer for an international bank account you'll need to have a minimum of £70.

I have more than £50, why can't I withdraw my money?

For security reasons, payments can only be made after the balance has been cleared for seven days. Once you've made the request, funds will be transferred to you at midnight the following Sunday.

What if I don't have a bank account for the money to be paid into?

Funds can be paid into a UK or International account. Please note, the minimum withdrawal for an International account is £70.

Prepaid cards are available to be sent to customers who have already had funds processed, however the first deposit must be into a UK or International account.

When and how do I pay the 25% split?

This is automatically calculated for you in the 'Activity' tab in your dashboard. Within this area you'll have visibility of the funds available to you and be able to withdraw.

Can someone record my session?

Webstream does not have a recording function that allows the performance to be recorded. Webstream have strong relationships within the industry and if any content was recorded or shared, Webstream will issue a DMCA request to have the content removed immediately.

How can I protect my identity?

Currently, we do not request any identification documents in order to start camming with Webstream.